Stainless steel uncapping set *FREE uncapping fork*

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uncapping set

For uncapping combs, we offer our EG-2 uncapping tools. Our uncapping harness is suitable for all frame sizes up to 49 cm x 36 cm.


The complete tub and the support surface is made entirely of stainless steel with the material number: 1.4301. This guarantees food safety.


The support surface consists of a grid of 12 mm x 24 mm. The tub has the dimensions: 51 cm x 45 cm x 9 cm.


The brackets are adjustable so you can easily adjust them depending on your frame size.


The structure is very simple. All you have to do is connect the 2 contact surfaces with the screws.


There is a holder for the uncapping fork at the top of the bearing surfaces. The fork is included.


As with all of our products from our own production and 3 year guarantee.


Technical details:

- completely made of food-safe stainless steel 1.4301 (non-magnetic)

- Uncapping fork holder

- adjustable support surface

- Free: Discovery Fork

- Dimensions:

      Honeycomb width up to 49 cm and honeycomb height up to 36 cm, grid 12 x 24 mm.

      Tub dimensions: 51 cm x 45 cm x 9 cm