Stainless steel high quality TANK for 110 lbs honey

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IH-50 professional industry tank for 110 lbs (50 kg) honey

completly out of food-grade stainless steel

Type 1.4301 (304)


Dear Beekeepers!

We offer you for your professional apiary solely high-quality beekeeping equipment. Our honey tank IH-50 is a product of qualified engineering, premium materials and, not least a masterful processing.

Make your work more comfortable and put your focus on professionalism while choosing your equipment. Good equipment will increase the joy in the work and also the yield of your efforts.



technical details:

- food-grade Inox stainless steel 1.4301 (non-ferromagnetic)

- height 19 5/8" (50 cm)

- diameter 11 6/8" (30 cm)

- barrel capacity 110 lbs (50 kg) honey or 36 liter

- crimped tank edge

- plasma technology welded longitudinal seam




- accurately fitting hermetic sealed lid

- exchangeable sunk-in silicon gasget of Deutsch&Neumann® inside the deep-drawn lid edge - of course food-grade quality!




- easy replaceable food-grade rubber gasket

- The inner outlet is equal to the absolute zero point of the tank, so the complete yield can drain well.

- very massive easily operated outlet cock out of stainless steel (Type 1.4301)

- The stainless steel plate of the tank is expensive (about 5mm deep) deep-drawed into the discharge pipe of the cock and then soldered from the outside, thereby the draining honey has no contact to the solder joint!


- The outlet cock can be closed easily and securely.

- 3-fold tank bottom edge roller-seam welded with an massive external stainless steel band