Digital Self-turn honey extractor 6 honeycomb, BN (British National), DNM, Zander, Langstroth

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6 honeycomb digital Selfturning honey extractor for BN (British National), DNM, Zander and Langstroth - Completely made of stainless steel
From our own production! Nisala

F-Matic AS-6 professional digital fully automatic 6 frames honey extractor

From our own production!

from food-grade stainless steel material No. 1.4301




Programmable digital stainless steel self-turning honey extractor

6 stainless steel - honeycomb baskets BN (british national), DNM / Zander / Langstroth with professional turning technology. It can frames with up to 50 cm height, 25 cm width and 5 cm thickness are thrown. The automatic change of direction, the spring-supported honeycomb baskets apply equally automatically. The honey-combs are ejected on both sides during the spinning process. This is the most elegant and time-effective method to throw the honey as the honeycomb does not need to be turned manually and is still thrown tangentially rather than radially.

Kesseldurchmesser: 70 cm

Total height: 130 cm

Height to plexiglass lid: 109cm

Pinchcock height: 33 cm

weight: 65 kg


Want to see how our honey extractor works? Just look at youtube by below:


Operating voltage: 220 - 230
Motor - power: 250 Watt

honey extractor Process: Six easily programmable steps, where the honey is centrifuged alternately on both sides.

The digital control is easy to use via a modern keypad.

Here you can also manually control the spinning process, besides the automated programmable honey extractor process,

by changing the current direction of rotation and power via the keypad or even stops.


The powerful industrial engine with a power of 250 watts, the massive industrial gear and digital free Program the controller with internal high-quality inverter make the spinning of honeycomb very comfortable.









The two-line display provides all the necessary information (step, direction, current performance and duration).



The extractor can be operated in fully automatic and manual mode. This fully automated spinning only the baskets are to feel with honeycomb and empty. In 6 different programmable steps, the honeycombs are sure completely emptied prior fractures.




In manual mode, you can determine the direction of rotation and adjust the power as needed during the spinning process entirely free.





With the high-quality security activation by Pizzato.

This prevents open the lid during the spin process.







The honeycomb pockets are spring-mounted (steel springs) and apply depending on the direction of rotation.

The turning is caused by the centrifugal force caused by the rotation.





The centrifugal basket and the honeycomb bags are made ​​entirely of food-grade stainless steel.

                                       He's worked very complex and can be for cleaning, after releasing the cover (two screws),

                           remove just the top.






The feet can be screwed to the floor. This provides a better fit and the extractor can not slip.






A device fitted to drive automatic gripping system secures the lid open, thus it is guaranteed that the lid can not fall accidentally while loading and unloading.

















The pinch-cock is located at the lowest point of the bottom. The floor is sloping towards to the pinch-cock. The honey runs on its own without tiresome tilting of the extractor.





Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x centrifuge tank made ​​of stainless steel (1.4301)
  • 2 x outlet cock stainless steel (1.4301)
  • 2 x lid made of Plexiglas
  • 1 x industrial drive with control
  • 1 x 6 Honeycomb Selfturning Stainless steel basket (1.4301)
  • 3 x legs


Want to see how our honey extractor works? Just look at youtube by below: